WTF is Butterscott?

Maybe we should let them tell it?

Butterscott cometh!!!
Everybody hold hands and sway back and forth!!!

Band members, circa 1996Oh yes.
A band of many talents.
A band so radiant, thought-provoking, insolent and brash cannot be found ANYWHERE on this well-trod ball of dirt.

But hark! What's that I hear you thinking to yourself?
What in the blueblazincottonpickinchickenlickinshakedownmama is Butterscott?

BUTTERSCOTT is what you get when you throw Wild Man Fischer, Oasis, The Banana Splits, Jonathan King, Yo La Tengo, Alex Chilton, Silverchair, Sheb Wooley, Tiny Tim, Meat Puppets, Kevin Ayers and Uncle Tom Cobbley into a Cuisomart and add a fistful of thumbtacks. So there!

But who pray tell, ARE Butterscott, you question to ask?

JONATHAN SCOTT...Bon Vivant, Man About Town, Teen Appeal, Ginger Root Fetishist, Bathtub Water Drinker, Singer, Songwriter and THE KID!!!

HARRY SCARY...Ambidextrous, Versatile, Insomniac, Buddha-Jolly Lord of Lollipops, Bassist, Drummer, Guitarer, Singist, and All-Around Overlord of La La La!!!

STEVIE CRATER...Living Proof that SPORTS AND MUSIC DON'T MIX! A lethal combination of Wit, Intelligence, Devastating Good Looks and one helluva pool shark. AND twangles Guitar with seeming panache! OLE!!!

MIKEY DEE...We are not worthy!!! Deejay, Scenehog Superior, The Man With the Plan, COMPLETELY OVERWHELMING IN HIS BIG ROCK MAJESTY!!! Plays drums and diddles melodiously on a ton of silly percussion toys. AAAAHHHH!!!

{Or how about an updated roster?}

And the AAAAHHHHs have it.
You've been warned.
Kiss the Frog, Baby.


Everyone has the experience of singing stupid songs out loud and not caring. The great thing about the band is that I do that more often. I'm telling you, singing "Clientele" is a great way to pass the time while walking to work. It's child-like, with all the winsome and evil aspects intact. I think it's great stuff, and want more people to see it too.

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jonathan for donating press releases (including the goofy biography above) and pics for this page (including the one on the Unsound page). While all other content is my fault, I think the members will like some of this stuff.

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