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Harry Nilsson
The Monkees
XTC and because I just could not resist, the Chalkhills mailing list page
Wild Man Fischer
Captain Beefheart
Todd Rundgren
Kim Fowley
The Shaggs
Brian Wilson
The Zombies
Ray Davies
The Move
Jonathan Richman
Rudy Schwartz Project
The Hollies
The Byrds
Beat Happening
Holy Modal Rounders and Peter Stampfel (hi, Francis! :))
For and against the Beatles
Alex Chilton

Local favorites

Baby Ray
Kenne Highland Clan

Snack Food

Peanut M&Ms
Diet Coke
Quisp (All breakfast cereals, all the time)
Paella art project


Their entry on some mix tape of home recordings
Castle Von Buhler, just because they seem to play there often.
The Noise
Cartoon Network
Creation Records, which made noises about signing them.
Boston Area Music
Dirty Water
Boston Soundcheck

Cultural heroes

Sifl and Olly. Prolly the best part is the songs.
Ant and Bee
Don Rickles
Paul Lynde
Anthony Newley
Sid and Marty Krofft
L. Frank Baum and a neat essay linking him to first wave feminism, New York area Native Americans, and a tacky shopping mall compared to the Emerald City called The Five Twists. Unfortunately, his ideas about Native Americans were not as progressive as his mother-in-law's.
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (yeah, the movie)

Home Recording and Musician Resources
About's Home Recording page
Shoestring recording with a computer
Harmony Central's section on home recording
Hear what other people record on four tracks on line
Hear it on CD too in the Unsound series
Shareware Music Machine
Musician Magazine's Guide to Touring and Promotion
Deterrant DIY Touring

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