just a guy drawn by JonMaybe your appetite is weated by all this bloody content, and you want to grab a hold of some of these wacky mumblings.

the cover of Great Scott

Well, friend, you are in luck. I managed to finagle a form so you can order the Butterscott CD Great Scott!.

It comes highly recommended by other people--really!

BUTTERSCOTT / Great Scott (Butterscott)
The one-man bubblegum bedroom pop genius of Jonathan Scott (never heard of him? Well, you probably will someday soon) comes up with 23 sugary nuggets that remind one of Chris Knox if he was surrounded by more Archies records.

Thanks, Mara from the WMFU catalog.

Enjoy these sweet tunes

  1. Bubblegum Man
  2. He Is Very Pretty
  3. Francine
  4. Kissing the Velvet Glove
  5. Hampton Beach
  6. Mindless Boogie
  7. Belated Birthday
  8. Danger Third Rail
  9. Blow Pop Sun
  10. Cupcake City
  11. Gimme a Flower
  12. Questionnaire
  13. Angeline
  14. Channel 23
  15. Bartleby
  16. Jellybean Jungle
  17. Wannitbad
  18. Hobbyhorse
  19. America Sundae
  20. Hung Like a Horse
  21. Mama Godiva
  22. Shirts
  23. Dubblebubbledandylionluv
You can also order their new radio tape Mr. Tinfoil, with such songs like "Mr. Tinfoil," "The Crimson Weirdo Ate My Brain," "Living On Oatmeal" (recorded live at the Kirkland), and "Rocksalt" (recorded live at a preschool).

go go gumball